Setup a CC3D for GPS


We assume the GPS is already configured like explained in this page.

19200bauds, Ublox GPS

CC3D GPS Navigation

CC3D and Atom boards do not support GPS navigation features like RTH, PosHold, waypoints...

Only Revolution, Revolution Nano and Sparky2 can use GPS for navigation.

 This GPS setup is only needed if you want to use MinOPOSD (Distance to Home, heading data...). See MinOPOSD setup page.

In this page

CC3D setup

Starting from a CC3D board freshly updated / erased.

Set GPS port

Go into Hardware tab and setup a GPS port, in this example : MainPort

  • Set GPS to MainPort
  • Set baudrate to 19200bds
  • Save changes

Reboot ( disconnect all power and USB)


Enable GPS module

 Go into System tab > UAVOBrowser > HwSettings > OptionalModules

  • Set GPS module to Enabled

  • Save changes using the upload button

Reboot ( disconnect all power and USB)


Connect GPS hardware

At this state you should get a red cross over GPS alarm in SystemHealth

  • Connect GPS to MainPort

  • Power the board with external source, usually +5v from a step down or Esc

If GPS is talking with CC3D you should get a red alarm:

After a successful GPS lock, a orange/green alarm:

GPS panel display a minimal set of informations:

  • Lat/Lon + altitude
  • Speed
  • Heading (from path direction)
  • Number of sats used
  • Fix type

  • No GPS on skyview, no date/time: This is normal, CC3D works only with a minimal set of messages. Like explained in Configure a GPS for CC3D page.