Setup a bluetooth for telemetry

HC-05 or HC-06 bluetooth modules can be used, it allow a short range wireless link with your board or Oplink as Rc module.

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Configuring the bluetooth module

To configure the Bluetooth module, you must connect to the module with a serial link. You can either use an FTDI USB to serial adapter, or your flight controller using the Virtual COM port ComBridge.

FTDI adapter

Connect your FTDI adapter as follow. Tx/Rx lines are crossed and FTDI provides +5V.

CC3D - Virtual COM port - Combridge

CC3D or any OpenPilot board can be used as a pass-through device, same as previous wiring : Tx/Rx lines crossed.

CC3D need +5V in one output port to power the bluetooth module.


In this case you need to setup the board for Virtual com port (VCP) use and choose MainPort or FlexiPort as ComBridge.

  1. Set the following settings:
    • USB VCP Function ComBridge
    • Main Port ComBridge
    • Speed 9600 (if brand new, unconfigured, 9600 is default baudrate)
  1. Click Save
  2. Reboot the flight controller, system will ask for driver install and the Virtual COM port should appear in the Windows Device Manager.

Configure the Bluetooth device

In this section you first need to find a terminal software to talk trough serial connection with your bluetooth module.

For Window systems : PuTTY, under Linux try Cutecom or PuTTY, and for MacOSX try CoolTerm

Configure your terminal for 9600 baud rate, 8 data bit, 1 stop bit & no parity serial connection.

Also be sure to setup "No line end" for data sent.

  1. Send AT command and module should answer OK on receive window
  2. Set name, send AT+NAMEMybluetoothName where MybluetoothName is the name you choose.
  3. Set baudrate using the AT+BAUD command: AT+BAUD7 set baudrate to 57600bds. (if you need 38400 you should send AT+BAUD6)
  4. Module answer is OK57600
  5. At this point you need to change baudrate and talk again with bluetooth module.

If later you need to talk with bluetooth module using a FTDI adapter you only need to change baudrate in terminal settings.

 Using ComBridge, board configuration need to be updated to a 57600 baudrate


Optional - connect Bluetooth & osd on a single port

Connect your Bluetooth as normal, once you have done this ONLY connect the rx of the OSD to the TX cable of your bluetooth-port (creating a y cable) ( dont forget your osd still needs power)

Finally, change the Port where the Bluetooth module is attached to "Telemetry".