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Update bootloader

Rescue method

Update firmware

There is three ways to update or flash a firmware:

  • Automatic reboot method.
  • Manual method.
  • Rescue method.

Automatic update

Manual method

Rescue method

Firmware update example (automatic)

Bootloader + firmware update example

  • Download the appropriate bootloader (ie CC3D - BL4 or Revo - BL6) and save it to your hard drive where you can find it again,
  • Go to the Firmware workspace in GCS, and with the board disconnected from USB, click Rescue and follow the onscreen instruction to connect the board,
  • After the board contents is detected, click Open and select the BootloaderUpdater (BU) file from where you saved it on your hard drive,
  • The flash button is now enabled : Click Flash to flash it to your board,
  • After the flashing is complete, press Boot and wait until the blue LED is on, then flashes, and finally goes off (normally ±15 seconds).
  • Wait 10 seconds more.
  • Disconnect the board from USB.
  • Click Upgrade & Erase button and follow the onscreen instruction to connect the board to automatically install firmware and erase flash.
  • After the process completion, board become connected to GCS.

Led behavior