MinOPOSD setup


All OpenPilot and LibrePilot releases supported.


Board supported

Analog inputsFirmware file

All analog inputs connected to OSD board.

RSSI, Vbat, Current. MinimOSD or Micro KV Team

Needed for CC3D who can't support current sensor.

All boards


Rssi, Vbat,


Nothing connected to OSD hardware, all information comes from flight controller.

RSSI information comes from link quality UAVO.

Voltage/current sensor can be connected to Revolution board,

See Configure a Current-Voltage sensor

Revo only


Same as above

Voltage/current sensor connected to Revo

+ analog RSSI connected to OSD.

Revo only


The config tool used for OSD configuration : ConfigTool_minOPOSD.zip

First time you update the MinimOSD board you may need the charset : Charset_1_3_0.mcm

MinopOSD source code is here.

Hardware connections

Revolution only

Programming setup

Using a FTDI device

Firmware upload

There is two chips on MinimOSD board, one is a Atmel 368P and the other is a MAX7456 (video chip)

Download and extract archive: ConfigTool_minOPOSD.zip

This is a standalone application and so doesn't require further installation.

Start the config tool:

Update charset

Update firmware

OSD configuration

Video standard

Channel toggle

Channel toggle has two functions :

  • Allow screen switching between Panel1, Panel2 and a empty panel.
  • Enter Setup screen just after boot

Rssi setup

Battery settings

Panel setup

RC OSD setup

Refresh rates