Recover board using ST-Link


Software setup

Download the required software from the ST website, need registration: ST website download page

After downloading the files and installed the required software, start with the Link Utility.

It will automatically install the drivers and provide the option to upgrade the firmware.

Update STLink dongle firmware

If you have problems you may try updating the dongle firmware, but be aware that this can brick a clone STLink dongle.

Connect the STLink dongle and start the ST-Link Utility software.

Go to the ST-Link menu and choose Firmware Update

  • Click "Device Connect" and "Yes >>>>" button

  • The STLink dongle firmware is up to date now.

  • Disconnect the STLink dongle.

Bootloader binaries

Here is the bootloader binaries for various boards, to be used with STLink utility:

BoardBootloader file


Revolution Nano
Oplink Mini

For bu_* files to be flashed using GCS, see the Downloads page instead.

  • Connect the device using the icon

  • At this point memory content should be populated and device characteristics displayed, here is a CC3D example:

  • Go to the Target menu > Program and Verify or click on Prog and Verify icon.
  • Click the Browse button and load the bootloader file where you saved previously.

  • Click Start to flash device

  • Device is now flashed with the new bootloader file.

  • Disconnect the device using the Disconnect button:

Update the firmware