UAV Settings Import-Export

After calibration it is convenient to export your settings into a file. The other common usage is exporting temperature calibration alone, such that it does not have to be repeated upon next calibration of other sensors or after upgrade & erase.

Export UAV objects into XML file

Import UAV objects from XML file

When importing from UAV files:

  • Uncheck all UAV objects with status that is not OK. Those objects are incompatible with current software or may have been modified.
  • If you intend to import only temperature calibration check only objects AccelGyroSettings and RevoSettings. One can also edit UAV XML file manually and keep only relevant objects for future import.
 Edited Revo calibration file example - Click to expand...
        <object name="AccelGyroSettings" id="0x1262B2D0">
            <field name="accel_bias" values="-0.000841957,-0.0601984,-0.569099"/>
            <field name="accel_scale" values="1.00235,0.994619,0.988395"/>
            <field name="accel_temp_coeff" values="0,0,0"/>
            <field name="gyro_bias" values="0.0322891,0.00425314,0.00241962"/>
            <field name="gyro_scale" values="1,1,1"/>
            <field name="gyro_temp_coeff" values="-0.0186192,-0.00151585,-0.0267329,0.000716467,-0.0101649,0.00010742"/>
            <field name="temp_calibrated_extent" values="-15.8235,72.0824"/>
        <object name="RevoSettings" id="0xC456EB9A">
            <field name="BaroGPSOffsetCorrectionAlpha" values="0.999334"/>
            <field name="MagnetometerMaxDeviation" values="0.05,0.15"/>
            <field name="BaroTempCorrectionPolynomial" values="-0.0644952,0.00604459,-0.000197262,1.42936e-06"/>
            <field name="BaroTempCorrectionExtent" values="-17.42,72.04"/>
            <field name="VelocityPostProcessingLowPassAlpha" values="0.999"/>
            <field name="FusionAlgorithm" values="Basic (Complementary)"/>

Imported UAVs are sent

When importing UAV objects from file, settings are sent to flight-controller, but not saved until you press "Save to Board Flash". As a consequence, imported settings stay in the flight-controller memory until flight-controller is rebooted. However if you proceed with other changes without rebooting flight-controller but earlier importing UAVs file, imported settings will be saved to flash.