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This tab allow sensor calibration for best results and accuracy

For detailed information how to setup this stage look the Sensor calibration page.


Attitude Estimation Algorithm

You can choose between Basic(Complementary) or GPS Navigation (INS13).

GPS Navigation (INS13) is needed for extended features like GPS Assist, Position Hold or Return to Base.

Home Location

Needed for Magnetometer calibration : From current GPS data or manually using OPMap

Look the Setting Home location page for more details.

Gyros Initialization

Those options allow gyro initialization while arming and safe initialization that wait the board is steady.

Virtual Attitude rotation

This is where the orientation of the flight controller relative to the airframe is set.

Virtual rotation chart for common board orientations, please double check settings using PFD (Primary Flight Display) in Flight Data tab.


If you experienced drifting issue while hovering you can try to raise this value or find better balance for your propellers.


Do not forget the online GCS help!


Do not forget the online GCS help !

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  1. Hi, on my CC3D Revo ( 16.09 ), i've installed a Neo M8N Gps with compass to try gps assisted feature.. GPS work fine.. but when i try to calibrate the aux magnetometer the calibration fail! always,otherwise onboard mag calibrate but there are many error and interference.

    so my configuration is :


    Rotate Virtual attitute relative to board yaw 180°

    Mag usage aux only

    Mag type flexi (connected to flexi port)

    Aux Mag Orientation Pitch 180(because is a PX4 GPS) yaw -180

    there are something that i can try?

    thank you in advance


    1. Hi,
      Wiki is not really the place for issues.

      Please go to the forum.


      ** In all case you should use Pitch 180 and Yaw -180 for a APM / I2C mag, whatever the board orientation you choose.
      ** And also use INS13 instead of Comp+Mag+GPS