Setting Home location


Setting home location is important, the controller needs to know its position to perform calibrations (Accelerometer and Magnetometer). Home location is also needed for autonomous flight or Return to Base functions.
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Using GCS Map

  • Drag the map and zoom into your current location.  
  • Do a right click and select Set the home location from the context menu.
  • Enter the WGS84 altitude in meters

About WGS84 altitude

The WGS84 altitude does not refer to the common altitude (usually MSL : Mean Sea Level) of a location but takes into account other parameters like the Geoid separation:

Altitude (WGS84) = Height (MSL) + Geoid Separation

 Altitude (MSL) can be found using GoogleEarth or other map tools and Geoid separation can be obtained here

If you only know your altitude without the Geoid separation values, just enter Altitude. This should not be an issue and sufficient for sensor calibration.

Using GPS data

This is the normal method of setting the Home Location, you should set the Home Location every time you want to use autonomous features or Return to base.

Go into the Configuration > Attitude and select the Settings tab.

  • Hit the Clear button and wait until the Home Location appears again.
  • Save settings using the bottom-right Save button.

Automatically set Home Location

If you plan to use your vehicle the next day in another location, you should set the HomeLocation > Set parameter to False

This means the next time the controller starts and gets a good GPS fix, this new location will be used.

In System tab and UAVOBrowser, search for HomeLocation Uavo, change the Set parameter to FALSE, and Save settings.