Camera Stabilisation Configuration

Basic Camera Stabilization Configuration

Select "Gimbal"

Activate the CameraStabilization module and define the output channels

If you have a Quadrocopter with 4 motor outputs, you will likely want to use channels 5 and 6.

Also set the range your servos have.

Save your settings, go to the "Firmware" tab, and reset your board.

Select "Output"

Be sure to set the bank for channel 5 and 6 appropriate to your Servos (50Hz for analog servos, 330 Hz for digital servos)

Enter "2000" as max value for channel 5 and 6, and "1500" as neutral.

Now power up your board with a battery (or a 5v bench power source) and select a flight mode with "Attitude" for pitch and roll. The servos should react to roll and pitch.


If you have an offset in the Pitch or Roll angle, change the Neutral Settings for the servo in one or the other direction to compensate for the offset. Click Save to see the result immediately.

Click on the slider bar to apply steps of 10.