Rate Setup

 This page describes how to setup the rate mode.


Rate mode uses only Gyroscopes, the target rate is defined by the transmitter stick angle. Rate stabilization can be used on all axis: Roll, Pitch and Yaw.

When the sticks are neutral, the target rate is zero so the vehicle hold current angle.

When a stick (roll stick for example) is full range the vehicle rotate in roll axis according to the Rate mode response defined in degrees. 

It's up to the pilot to return the craft to level. Beginners should start with Attitude mode or Rate trainer mode

In this page

Setup flight modes

Go to Configuration > Input > Flight Mode Switch Settings


In this example we have set two flight modes using Rate stabilization:

  • Stabilized5 is affected to flight mode position 5 and uses Bank1 (default rates).
  • Stabilized6 is affected to flight mode position 6 and uses Bank2 (high rates, see bellow).


Rate settings can be defined using the basic or advanced tab.

Go to Configuration > Stabilization tab

Basic tab

Tick the "Use basic configuration" checkbox.

Rate mode can be adjusted here, from Moderate to Insane.

Remember the Max rate limit (see bellow) still limit this setting, you should use the Advanced tab instead.




Advanced tab

Tick the "Use advanced configuration" checkbox.

This advanced tab give more control over settings, rate response can be different between Roll and Pitch axis.

In this example a full stick give a 220deg/s rate mode response.

Another setting to consider is the Max rate limit that applies to all stabilization modes except Acro+.

If you want to increase the Rate mode response to 500deg/s, you should increase also the Max rate limit to at least 500deg/s.




Using high rates

Here is an example, Max rate limit is set to 600deg/s and the Max rate response set to 500deg/s. You will notice we show now PID bank2, that allow two "Rate" flight modes using slow rates (Bank1) and high rate (Bank2).

Now the vehicle can do high rates but more difficult to control.... you should consider adjusting the Expo settings.

Expo example

Roll/Pitch exponential allow a smooth response while using high rates.