Acro+ Setup

 This page describes how to setup the Acro+ mode.


Acro+ is a flight mode that mixes Rate with manual actuator outputs. It allows the pilot to go from very modest rates to full on madness. It does this by bypassing the gyro for rotation during stronger stick deflections and applies manual output signals to the ESCs. This mixture is adjustable as a "Factor"  value
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Setup flight modes

Go to Configuration > Input > Flight Mode Switch Settings


Go to Configuration > Stabilization tab > Basic tab

Tick the "Use basic configuration" checkbox.

Around the center stick Acro+ mode reacts like Rate mode, no need high rates the default rates are fine.

Acro+ factor can be set differently for Roll and Pitch.

Default value is set at 40. The bigger the value, the bigger the "Manual weight" in Rate/Manual mixture.

The speed will vary because depending on frame, thrust to weight ratio or how fast motors accelerate.


Acro+ factor can be adjusted using the TxPID module and  find the value that just feels right moving a knob or a slider.