Auto Land


The Land flight mode allow an automatic landing bellow the current position.

This assumes the Home Location is set correctly and previously a basic PositionHold mode works perfectly using INS13, the preferred fusion algorithm for all GPS assisted modes.

Land feature can be used as a next command after a Return to base.

In this page



Set Attitude Estimation Algorithm

To use all the navigation features using GPS,select the GPS navigation (INS13) attitude estimation algorithm

Go into Attitude page > SettingsAttitude Estimation Algorithm, select GPS Navigation INS13, and Save.



Set the flight mode

Go into Input page > Flight Mode Switch Settings and affect Land to one flight mode position.


How to use

In normal condition the sequence should be like that:

  • Stabilize your multirotor above the place where you want to land,
  • Switch to Land flight mode,
  • Wait automatic descend.

After landing is done, do not switch to another flight mode like Attitude because the Throttle stick should still at middle range.

  • move the Throttle stick to minimum.
  • Disarm


Landing settings

Basic: Velocity

Go to System tab, under UAVOBrowser and search for Settings > FlightModeSettings

  • LandingVelocity is 0.6m/s by default,


Do changes you want and save settings using  button.

Advanced: Vertical PIDs

Go to System tab, under UAVOBrowser and search for Settings > VtolPAthFollowerSettings > LandVerticalVelPID


Do the changes you want, default values should work in most cases.

Save settings using  button.