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Set Attitude Estimation Algorithm

To use all the navigation features using GPS,select the GPS navigation (INS13) attitude estimation algorithm

Go into Attitude page > SettingsAttitude Estimation Algorithm, select GPS Navigation INS13, and Save.

Set the flight mode

Go into Input page > Flight Mode Switch Settings and affect PositionHold to one flight mode position.



When engaged, PositionHold hold current vehicle position using GPS sensor and without stick interaction.

Altitude can be maintained if one VtolPathFollower parameter is set:

Go into UAVOBrowser and find Settings > VtolPathFollower > Thust set to Auto

Save settings with button.



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  1. Does "GPS assisted modes" work for fixed wings?

    I'm more familiar with arduplane and I'm testing now a "CC3D revo mini" board embedded on a little V-tail powered glider : does a "Loiter" mode exist for planes in librepilot ? (it would be a kind of "PositionHold" mode with a radius as parameter in order to turn around the current GPS point when switching to this mode)


    1. Please ask questions on the forum :