GPS Display Gadget

Data from GPS is displayed in this gadget


Lat / Long coordinates



Heading : Only accurate for Fixed Wing vehicles

DOP : Horizontal, Vertical and Position precision

Number of sats used for position

Fix type, should be 3D for best results

Date and time from GPS


Skyview show every satellite position in view, azimuth and elevation.

If color bubble is dimmed, sat is in view but not currently used for position.

  • Green sats are regular GPS (USA),
  • Blue sats are GNSS (Russia)
  • Red sats are Beidou (China)
  • Orange sats are GNSS sats like EGNOS

Current display show for example a Russian sat, number 79 at South and ~10° elevation.

SNR for every sat used is displayed using vertical bars.


Using a GPS with a CC3D, this gadget display only minimal data like position, altitude, speed and date/time. This behavior is normal.