UAVObject Browser

The UAVObject Browser provides a means to inspect, as well as edit, the various UAVObjects within the system.

All configuration data required to properly set up a flight controller are contained in UAVObjects.
The various pages within the GCS provide a user friendly method of setting up the vehicle, but on a much lower level.
These types of UAVObject are split in two parts:

  • Settings: All configuration settings of the flight controller.
  • Data:  All the data concerning the status of the flight controller. (Cannot be edited)

In this page


Expanding the Settings or Data will show the associated UAVObjects in each category.

Request an update of the currently selected UAVObject from board side or Send updated values of the selected object to the flight controller.
Both refers to volatile changes, no saved into the flash memory.

Load data from the settings stored in flash or Save settings data in flash for the currently selected UAVObject.
Save will store information to flash, and will be still available after a power cycle.

Choose the display options, a pop up menu is displayed. 

Search for a UAVObject using a keyword.

View Options

Show Metadata

Useful to made changes about update mode and rates.
This affects the telemetry, only for "Data" uavobjects.

Do not change METADATA unless you understand what you are doing.

Show Categorized

Display uavobject using categories: Control, Navigation, Sensors, State and System.

Show Scientific


Show Description

Display additional information about the uavobject selected to the bottom part of the window.