The Primary Flight Data display all information from current board connected to GCS.

In this page



GPS information

This area give information about GPS status, a tooltip can be displayed when mouse over.

GPS availability is linked with:

  • MaxPDOP: max error admitted for GPS use,
  • MinSatellites: Minimal number of satellites needed

See GPS setup page for more details.


Sum distance

Count distance, can be reset with a mouse click


Only available when a Current-Voltage sensor is configured. (Not for CC3D/Atom)

Display alarms when energy consumed (mAh) is close to battery capacity.


Waypoint information

When a set of waypoints is loaded (PLAN alarm to green in SystemHealth)

WPT: waypoint number,

DIST: distance to next waypoint,

MODE: defines what the vehicle is supposed to do in this state. It's the primitive executed by the pathfollower, like "fly towards a point", "circle around a point"...

HDG: heading to next waypoint

SUMDIST: total distance since last reset (mouse click on value)

ETA: estimated time for next waypoint




Flight time, Arming status, RcInput status, Master Caution, Autopilot active/inactive, Stabilization mode, Thrust mode


Home information

Only displayed after arming and GPS available. Give information for Home position: Heading, distance and estimated time to join.


System panel


Link panel

OPLink signal strength

Receiver quality





Battery panel

Useful when top is used for Waypoint information, display battery measurements and estimated flight time left based on current intensity and battery capacity.

See Configure a Current-Voltage sensor for more details.



RcInput panel

Display sticks movements





My PFD looks reversed


The horizon moves like it would if you were seated in the airplane.

If you roll the vehicle to the right, the display should roll to the left and you can see move "ground" to the right.

Conversely, if you roll the board left, then the horizon (with respect to you) rolls right, so the horizon appears the same as it would as if you were viewing from the cockpit.