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Windows does not provide a bash environment like other 'Unix' systems. Most of tools are prepackaged and downloaded from our server to make the installation as friendly as possible. All you need to install manually is the msysGit package. Then, after running two scripts, you should have a complete build environment ready.



Install required software

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Browse installation steps using left/right arrows above.

Get the code using Git Bash

  • Start Git Bash
  • Create a C:/CODE directory (no spaces in name) :

Using steps

cd ..
cd ..
mkdir code
cd code


mkdir c:/code  
cd c:/code 



Clone repository using git command :

git clone


Go into librepilot directory just created using git clone and check out the "next" source code branch, you can choose any other like "master" or "rel-15.09"

cd librepilot
git checkout next


Install Windows tools

Some tools are needed : make and 7za (7-Zip)

run the following script :





make command

Tired of typing tools/bin/make every time?

The following command will add /C/code/librepilot/tools/bin to your PATH:

echo "export PATH=\"\$PATH:/C/code/librepilot/tools/bin\"" >> ~/.profile

You should adapt it to match your librepilot directory...

After issuing the above command, you'll need to exit the current shell and start a new one for it to take effect.

The rest of the document assumes that you have done this step (and we really recommend that you do it).

Install the toolchain

The toolchain is used to build the software:

Using make freshly installed in previous step:

make all_sdk_install

This can take a while, fast internet connection preferred !

ToolApprox. sizeUsed for
Arm compiler~94Mbfirmware build
Qt installer~855MbGCS build
SDL~800KbGCS build
Nsis~2,1MbWindows installer
Mesa~13MbOpenGL soft driver
ccache~350KbBuild faster
uncrustify~250KbFormat code




Ccache issue

With the latest msysGIT version there are some issues with ccache install and ccache can be disabled as follows :

make[1]: *** [install] Error 3
make[1]: Leaving directory 'C:/code/librepilot/build/ccache-3.2.2'
C:/code/librepilot/make/ recipe for target 'ccache_install' failed
make: *** [ccache_install] Error 2

Edit the file make/ and find this line:

BUILD_SDK_TARGETS += osg sdl nsis mesawin openssl ccache

Comment ccache target with a "#"

BUILD_SDK_TARGETS += osg sdl nsis mesawin openssl #ccache

Building the LibrePilot software


Basically you just need to type:

make package

See also the Make basics page and learn more about 'make' commands


It will build the UAVObjGenerator utility and all firmwares:




 Then GCS software:


Finally all files are packaged using the Nsis software installer.


At end, the LibrePilot software installer can be found in C:\code\librepilot\build\ directory.





Congrats !

Congratulations! You have setup the build environment and built the complete LibrePilot software suite!



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