The rescue method can be used to flash a bootloader (bu_[BOARD].opfw) file or firmware fw_[BOARD].opfw file.

For normal firmware update, the preferred method is the Automatic or Manual update described in this page: Firmware Tab

Click arrows left / right and follow instructions

Step by step

  1. Disconnect all power to the board. The board should not be supplied by any other power supply (no LiPo!)  The board will not enter bootloader mode being powered from another source.
  2. Click the Rescue button in the top button area.
  3. You will be instructed to connect your Flight Controller board.
  4. The Uploader Gadget will detect your connected board and show the bootloader and firmware versions.

  5. You can now load the desired bootloader or firmware file using the "Open" button

  6. Pressing the button Flash will update the firmware on your board. A progress indicator shows the actual status of the firmware upgrade and identifies if the upload has been successful.

  7. Once the firmware has been upgraded, one has to click Boot in the buttons area to start the program on the board

Firmware/Bootloader files have the file extension ".opfw" and are named typically.

  • Firmware files start with the letters fw_ followed by the board name.
  • Bootloader files start with the letters bu_ followed by the board name.

The information area displays additional information about the loaded firmware.