Git Workflow

Getting set up

To get started sign up for an account on Bitbucket

Fork the main repository

Now you can clone your fork using the https or ssh protocol  e.g.

git clone

for https which is the easiest to set up.

Next add the main LibrePilot remote, you can use anything that makes sense instead of upstream, I simply use bb to keep the length down.

git remote add upstream


You shouldn't need a next branch in your fork so:

git fetch upstream
git branch --set-upstream-to=upstream/next next 
git push origin --delete next
In this page

Starting some work

Get latest

Get the latest from upstream

git fetch upstream

Create new branch

Now start your branch, the LP-XX refers to the JIRA ticket you pick for your work:

git checkout -b LP-XX_branch_name upstream/next

Make changes

Make some changes and 'git add files', double check what you are committing 'git diff --cached'
Before adding files, the files changed can be displayed using 'git status'


Now commit using 'git commit' command.
Refer to the Jira id in the commit message: "LP_XX ...". This will ensure the commit is picked up by Jira and linked to the original issue.

Probably add some more changes /  commits


Once you have finished working on the branch, you are now ready to push it to your fork but there is an extra step you should do to keep things tidy and up to date with the latest LibrePilot so there are no merge conflicts.

git fetch upstream
git rebase --interactive upstream/next 

This gives you the chance to also amend/fixup/squash/reword/reorder any commits if you want.
Rebasing can initially by daunting but it is an essential git skill so it is worth learning the ins and outs of it.
Remember if you get into trouble you can always 'git rebase --abort' and ask for help.

Push your code

Now push it to your fork

git push -u origin HEAD

Create a pull request

Now you can create a pull request at the main repository

Go to the personal repository page (eg., open the left menu  and choose "Create pull request"

Choose the branch you want to use for the pull request (from your repo) and the destination branch in main (Librepilot) repository, usually the next branch or a release branch. NEVER  branch

Add a title starting with LP-XX so the pull request is linked with JIRA issue.

Add a description about the changes / commits

Choose 'Close LP-XX after the pull request is merged'

Create pull request.

Reviewing someone's work

To quickly checkout out someone's work do:

git fetch <branch_name> && git checkout FETCH_HEAD

If you are likely to be reviewing this users work a lot you can add their fork as a remote to save using the full URL each time you can add the remote repo:

git remote add <dev's_name>

and then each time just do:

git fetch <dev's_name> && git checkout <dev's_name>/<branch_name>

Where <dev's_name> is the remote repository name you choose.

git remote

give a list of available remote repositories