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Programming Setup



Using the Revolution board

to configure MWOSD (software) without disconnecting the minimOSD (hardware) board

With the Revolution board you can use the FlexiIO port for telemetry. With the optional DTR pin wired with minimOSD the board can be flashed with firmware.  This feature offers the major convenience of being able to program the minimOSD without disconnecting it from the Revolution board. This is an alternative to using the FTDI breakout board as described below. To use this option, follow these steps: 

Connect the receiver port with the minimOSD board. Please note the programming cannot be done without DTR pin wired.

Setup Revolution board as follows :

1 - Connect Revolution board to the computer.

2 - Go to the Configuration Tab and Hardware tab.

3 - For USB VCP function, select ComBridge.

4 - In Receiver Port (FlexiIO), select ComBridge.

5 - Save and reboot board.

Be sure the revolution board is powered with 5V.

When programming of the minimOSD board is completed, open Librepilot and reconnect to the Revolution board. Restore the settings to the USB VCP function port and the Receiver Port (FlexiIO) port. Save and reboot the Revolution board.