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About CC3D nav
About CC3D nav


GPS sensor is needed for every autonomous features, this sensor provides:

  • position with Lat/Lon coordinates and altitude,
  • velocity
  • time

Preferred protocol is UBX, more efficient than NMEA and should provide a most accurate velocity state.

Another thing to consider when GPS features are wanted: refresh rate, at least 5Hz.

A GPS without a compass/magnetometer has some value when flying FPV with an on screen display (OSD) or returning data to the LibrePilot Ground Control Station (GCS). Telemetry, such as altitude , air speed and/ or ground speed and distance may be available. Recording lattitude latitude and longitude could be available and would be useful attempting to locate a lost craft.

Capabilities NOT available without a properly functioning compass/magnetometer are all GPS Flight modes like GPS Assist, PositionHold, CourseLock, VelocityRoam, HomeLeash, AbsolutePosition, ReturnToBase, Land, PathPlanner and AutoTakeOff.

Although the Revolution flight controller has an on-board magnetometer it cannot provide dependable data for smaller craft (250mm).


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