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This is the second LibrePilot release, second release candidate.
A release candidate (RC) is a beta version with potential to be a final product, which is ready to release unless significant bugs emerge.

Known issues:

* [LP-289] - pidcontrol ne and down have nan dz if kp is zero
* [LP-303] - GCS menus broken when in full screen mode
* [LP-397] - ModelView misbehaving on MacOSX
* [LP-402] - GCS message - Invalid value for "Running"
* [LP-408] - No serial telemetry without OPLink
* [LP-421] - GCS setup wizard welcome panel is too big on high dpi screens

The full list of bug fixes and enhancements in this release is available here:

** Bug

* [LP-245] - GCS unsaved data prompt when nothing changed
* [LP-333] - Sparky2 I2CPort needs GPIO_PuPd_UP instead of NOPULL
* [LP-400] - Doxygen document build fails with latex errors
* [LP-401] - Reboot is required after AutoTune is set in FMS
* [LP-406] - Windows driver fails to install
* [LP-409] - make fw_dist fails on windows
* [LP-423] - HMC5x83 driver dereferences null pointer
* [LP-424] - pios_openlrs.c has incorrect reference to rfm22b_id

** New Feature

* [LP-425] - Add Credits to the About dialog

** Task

* [LP-315] - Update vehicle templates

** Improvement

* [LP-410] - silence GCS logs
* [LP-417] - Heartbeat LED on OPLink

These packages are available only for testing purposes

Forum thread for 16.09-RC2:

titleNotes about 16.09-RC2

Since 16.09-RC2 the CDC driver is not installed by default, it is not needed for normal use excepted if VCP (serial) is needed.

If you experienced GCS crash at startup, try installing the MesaOpenGL driver.