Bug with cruisecontrol that causes drone to crash


My friends, last week I was flying and my drone crashed so finally I think I got what caused my drone to crash.

I have CruiseControl activated cause I want to be able to do flips and I also like the 1/cos thing that keeps my altitude stable while pitching/rolling.

So last week I went really high with my quad and I decided to put my throttle to the mininum so the motors would turn off. Ok, it worked, so I left my drone fall for about 5 seconds and while that 5 seconds my drone turned upside down and kept that position during the 5 seconds. After 5 seconds I decided to put some throttle to get my drone back to stability but no matter what throttle I used, my motors would not turn.

I even put the maximum throttle and the motors would not spin. Of course, my drone fell and got almost everything destroyed.

After that I read the docs of cruisecontrol and I realized one of the things it does is turn off the motors when the drone is inverted. Well, that's really bad that cruise control does not even allow the user to regain control even with full throttle.

I am using ATTITUDE MODE and my quad didnt disarm in the air, I set it to disarm after 60 seconds of min throttle, so I am really sure the motors didnt spin becuse of cruisecontrol.

So I ask you: is it possible to have only the 1/cos feature of cruisecontrol enabled while disabling the "feature" that turns off the motors while inverted?


CC3D with LIBREPILOT latest version







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